Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.

Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.
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A story unfolding day by day. This story is sure to grab your attention and keep you coming back for each new installment.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beginning

There are stories of many kinds that make this world wonderful, and interesting. Some are of love, some of terror, and some are just plain silly. But no matter the subject the most intriguing have a little bit of everything. I am not claiming greatness, but this story does contain a little bit of everything.

Magic can happen in a number of circumstances. Sometimes it comes from a spell, or a charm, maybe even a potion, it can also be fostered by imagination. Magic is a part of this story as well- not magic born from a wand or stirred up with bat wings and newt tails in a witches cauldron, but a magic concocted by pure sweet, madness. ( For those younger readers this type of madness does not mean angry, but crazy, cuckoo, nuts. Pardon the political back step.)

Merriam was alone as she had been most of her life. Sharing the world with one sister and a neighborhood of disinterested people: people with busy lives, and too much going and doing to bother with the other people sharing their proximity. Merriam’s sister Elizabeth lived in Kitchner, which was a town just to the west of Bullsport. Bullsport was Merriam’s home town, as it had been ever since she left Kitchner to live on her own. Elizabeth lived on her own in the home of their parents and even though she was on her own as well, she always had so many inconvenient things going on; visiting Merriam was most times out of the question.

Merriam spent most days alone, watching. Watching people come and go, move in and move out, many people moving around but no one to visit with. Now at the ripe age of seventy two, she had gotten used to things the way they were. She had retired from a manufacturing position at a local trinket company, that specialized in dollar items, such as noise makers, toys and party favors: things people would use for a night and then throw away, or hang from the mirror of their car for a short period. Retiring hadn’t changed her life much, other than it gave her one less thing to do.

Note to reader: Read this blog from oldest post to newest, that is if you want the story to make sense. That means you start from the bottom and work your way up.


  1. Wow, you are a great writer, thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to the next installment :0)

  2. found you via the etsy forums. Love your cute clay figurines.

  3. I love your shop!! Good luck with the blog

  4. i will be checking back for more of merriam and elizabeth!
    great stuff!!!!