Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.

Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.
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A story unfolding day by day. This story is sure to grab your attention and keep you coming back for each new installment.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It was getting late in the summer

      It was getting late in the summer, and in the warm shade of Merriam's back yard she and Daniel took a break from their hard days labor.  "I'm going to be starting school soon." Daniel said drawing her out of the usual day and into the mind and concerns of his six year old existence.  "Well that will be exciting don't you think?"  He ran his fingers through the grass and moved the patterns of its grain from side to side.  Then he would gently pull out one blade and twist it between his fingers.  "I'm not sure. It's my first time.  I hope it will be fun."  Merriam recognized a sense of worry coming from Daniel and she did not know what to say.  This whole situation was foreign enough without having to be a responsible adult that had god advice for a child, that was worried about starting school.  "Merriam,-did you like school when you started?" Daniel said. "Hmm let me think a minute. That was a long time ago and I haven't thought of it don't know about a million years or so."  Daniel gave her his scowl that he used when he thought grown ups were being a bit shifty.  "If you can't remember it, it must-a been no fun at all."  Merriam thought a moment and then decided to be honest "yes that's about right, school wasn't any fun for me.... But I am almost positive that things are going to be different for you." She felt like this was the right answer but watched to see if she had given him any relief to his concern.  "Why do you think it will be good for me?"  He said still probing for more reassurance.  "It is going to be easy for you because you... are a great friend maker.  I never was, or have been.  You may be the first friend I have ever had, and you are very easy to like and, like you said before you are an awful lot of fun to play with."  Daniels face relaxed.  "Yeah that's true I am allot of fun."  He smiled and perked up then continued grooming the lawn between his fingers.  "Merriam?"  he said in a way to draw her attention once again to an oncoming question.  "Yes" she replied in voice that conveyed a willingness to indulge all of his thoughts.  " What are you going to do when the weather gets bad?  I mean with all your children.  What if it rains a lot or snows! What are you going to do then?"  She looked at him surprised at his concern and of the fact that she hadn't thought if this herself.  "Honestly it hasn't even crossed my mind until now. I guess that is why your here.  To keep me on task.  Well I suppose I better start thinking of something, right?"  Daniel looked thoughtful as if he was already referencing his data base for information on what do do with all your clay figurines when winter is on the way.  They both sat quietly and thought about what they would do to protect Merriam's little people after the summer had gone. "You could take them all inside?"  he said.  "Yes I suppose we could." She responded in voice that was not in the key of conviction.  And after just a moments more contemplation Merriam had a cathartic revelation. "Or we could bring the inside out to them...."  This time Daniels expression read as "you have absolutely cracked" but as Merriam explained her idea to him his look changed from " you have cracked " to "Merriam you are a genius."  The plan she unraveled to him was one of intricacy and lofty ideas.  This plan included building habitats and whole cities to fit the little creatures and each of their personalities.  It included neighborhoods and environments,  lighting, streets, and of course the feeling of magic.  As each detail unraveled Daniel became increasingly exited.  "When can we start?!" He asked this like he had just eaten a bag of licorice whips and washed them down with cola.  "As soon as I can get it planned out.  We want it to be nice, not a haphazard mess.  Let me draw out some plans and then we can talk about getting started."

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