Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.

Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.
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A story unfolding day by day. This story is sure to grab your attention and keep you coming back for each new installment.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Morning

One morning as Merriam was taking a hand full of sprites to the backyard. As she was doing this she was mulling over what some of those spheres might become. The colors and the shapes ran through her head and the back of her eyes as her mind looked for a connection, some kind of clue as to what they should become. She walked out the side door from her kitchen and was walking toward the rusted chain link gate that was between the house and the one car garage. As she was lifting the chain that held the gate closed a small but loud voice startled her from behind. “Hello, hi!” The voice said as if it wasn’t quite sure which one of the words was proper so blurted them out one after the other just to cover the bases. Merriam turned and there was a small sandy haired boy looking through the chain link fence. She didn’t respond right away because it had been so long since anyone had talked directly to her. She wasn’t quite sure what to do, she could feel her brain referencing the subject like it was reading an instruction manual on greetings. She was staring at the small boy when he started again. “ H-e-e-e-ll-o-o!” he said this time in a mocking tone for not responding quickly enough. She got the hint and responded. “H-Hello!” She said abruptly. “ My name is Daniel. We’re moving in today. We just moved her from Montana!” He unraveled this without even a breath between words. “ Hello, Daniel. I- I’m Merriam.” She examined him as she spoke. He was wearing a blue T-shirt with a penguin printed on the front and beneath its feet it was standing on the words “be cool!” he wore jean shorts and red high top tennis shoes. Sticking his feet into the fence one at a time he pulled himself to the top of the fence and rested his arms there. “I guess you’ll be seeing a lot more of me now. Since we live next door and everything. What do you have?” He talked fast and kept Merriam on conversation edge. “ Oh, nothing.” She said, because she was feeling a little leery about sharing her children with someone she had just met. “ I like your shoes!” she said. “ Daniel!! Come eat your lunch!” a woman’s voice carried from somewhere in he yard. “Gotta go. Talk to ya later Merriam!” he said this as sprang back of the fence and ran across the yard. She then turned to the gate to go and place her sprites and woodland elves in their rightful habitat. While she did this the small conversation with the boy ran through her mind and as she placed the little creatures here and there she was muttering aloud “ be cool- be cool- be cool.”


  1. This blog feels like the best explanation of what it feels like to create art that I have ever read! I absolutely love it.