Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.

Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.
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A story unfolding day by day. This story is sure to grab your attention and keep you coming back for each new installment.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

One day continued again

The con wasn’t full proof enough for Daniel. Now Merriam took her turn and scrunched her nose and squinted her eyes and looked at Daniel through the darkened lenses of her spectacles. Now she felt like she was the one being duped. “ Do your parents know where you are?” She thought this might detour his attention long enough for her to get the upper hand in this conversation. “ Ya I told em I would be playing outside.” “ Well I am a stranger you know? Children aren’t supposed to talk to strangers.” Oh- this sounded mature and sensible. Merriam had gained the upper hand and waited for Daniel to relent and disappear back into his yard. This thought was deflated as quickly as it had begun. “Everybody! Not just children. My parents say “ your not supposed to talk to strangers” not “ kids are not supposed to talk to strangers” that means everyone. This is something I don’t quite get, cause if no one can talk to each other how can you ever make friends?” This kid was smart and Merriam was impressed with his logic, not to mention she had no come back for this statement it was undeniable, and more true than anything she had heard in a while.

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