Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.

Read a story as it unfolds one post at a time.
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A story unfolding day by day. This story is sure to grab your attention and keep you coming back for each new installment.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Had Changed

Life Had Changed and in Merriam’s eyes it had changed for the better. Making regular trips to the craft store had now worked its way into her schedule. She still found time to look at every item on every isle, however her intent was clear. Every time she left the store she left with more and more clay. She made troops of little beady eyed babies with soft colored fleece beanies and whole colonies of snowmen until the top of her TV cabinet was almost completely covered. Oh how she loved each one and told them as she inspected her ranks. “ You are the most adorable little “ninny muggins” I have ever scene.” She had heard the term in a movie once and that movie had warmed her heart and made her laugh . This felt good and these little figures made her feel similar, so she called them her “ninny muggins”.

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  1. Still hooked!!

    Ah, I think you're a bit behind the UK, David Tennant is no more and has regenerated into Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor. I must admit I haven't really watched it since John Pertwee and Tom Baker!! Love David Tennant though, a braw Scotsman if ever I saw one ;)